Meet The Chef


My name is Claire Scheufler and I'm the chef and owner of Sour Peach. I've worked for restaurants in the Fox Valley area for nearly ten years and I've lived here for the past twenty. I started off working in fast food/quick service and held a management position for a few years, but quickly decided to head into the back of house. I landed a few line cook gigs in some of Geneva's most loved restaurants and from there, I worked my a** off, putting in crazy hours, skipping meals, getting there early, and staying late. I poured every second of free time into reading, recipe testing, practicing new techniques, and even learning about fermentation! Then COVID hit and like many other industry workers, I found myself indefinitely out of work. I needed to find a new way to support my family and feed my passion.  I had been hosting the occasional pop-up and catering the odd event over the last few years, so I decided to quit my job and do it full time. That was when Sour Peach was born. I quickly realized that beyond the food, people missed everything the service industry has to offer. This concept is what fuels Sour Peach's goal to build long lasting relationships with our clients and our community. Every customer, co-worker, vendor, employee, and friend is instrumental to the success of our business and we strive to make that a visible tenet of the brand.